Teachers Law School Chattanooga

A total of 14 teachers around the area participated in the Teacher Law School program on November 14, 2019. Judge Curtis L. Collier spoke to the group about Federal Courts. The teachers observed several sentencing hearings before Judge Travis McDonough. One of the highlights of the program for the teachers was the opportunity to participate in a mock voir dire presided over by Judge McDonough. The teachers participated as members of the jury pool. AUSA Kyle Wilson (former law clerk to Judge Mattice) represented the government. Clay Whittaker (CJA panel attorney) represented Defendant Travis Thompson (current career law clerk to Judge McDonough). Following the voir dire event, the group had a Q&A with Judge McDonough and Judge Lee about things they observed during the hearings and mock voir dire. Professor Kody Cooper from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga campus also gave a presentation to the group on Judicial Supremacy and its Challengers.